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Microsoft Word 2013

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Says 2013 is a new word processor of Microsoft, part of Office 2013. It offers the performance excellence of the previous version, and characters more.If you do not like the interface Ribbon introduced in Office 2007, then you would not interact Bolton said in2013 is back but it has been repaired. The bill has been moved around to make a feature using the most accessible. The list of items in quotes are updated to make them easily peopledistinguishablena estetikamwingine.Pia a touch, making touch-friendly 2013 over the previous version. This model is only available if you have enabled computer touch screen. Bonds are large, making it easy to choosevitu.screen has been designed to be very useful. You can view your recent documents opened and a number of new template. There is also a search box at the top you can see for more templates online.This is very useful because 2013haina include Worddan each type of image format very easy now boksi.Kuingiza Word 2013 you can pull images from the Flickr, Facebook and SkyDrive. Said 2013 also allows you to search for images licensed underCommons Creative and bing. There is also a new leader to set the image size and simple in support 2013.PDF Word has improved significantly in Word 2013 PDF currently open in Word if a document Word. You can convert documentsWord to PDF, itakuwakurejeshaformat that you do. Changes to open PDF files in Word 2013 does not happen raka.New Word 2013 is the ability to download software. Microsoft Office software store where you can download and install a variety of tools such as:Search. While some programs are important, they do not change the screen and works well as a variety of documents on screen moja.Ushirikiano easy in Word 2013, you can track changes, but if you have room365 accounts, reviews of documents may kuwasynceduntuk all people so that everyone will work together on documents and access to the latest version. Comments can be marked as completed and will be gray,Make it less bughudha.Kama you happy with the factory now, you may not have enough new features to make the upgrade to Word 2013 draw. However, Word 2013 offers improved and features that make it the best ofprocesscor yet.

Microsoft Word 2013

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